The Benefits of Colostrum

Hello, everyone.

My name is Russell Wright. Today, I’d like to talk about the general benefits of colostrum and the possible general benefits of colostrum.

I am coming from my own experience, specifically with Immune Tree Colostrum in the pure formula that’s maintained in its purity by my friend, Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith.

I also suggest that for an expert perspective that you read Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith’s book, The First Milk Diet, where you can go much, much deeper into the general benefits of colostrum, the shotgun approach to the full spectrum of how colostrum can assist you in having a stronger immune system, stronger musculature, and a healthier life in general.

Also, please understand that when we get into the general discussion of how colostrum can assist you in a variety of health maladies, I am not attempting to imply that this information be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content and video, including my texts, my graphics, my images, information contained on this website are for general information and education purposes only, and it’s up to you to take responsibility for your health. I’m not suggesting that you use colostrum to treat or cure or otherwise diagnose any ailment or disease. Seek medical help and/or the help of a medical practitioner. With that being said, the benefits of colostrum are becoming widespread and well-known to mainstream medical practitioners and doctors worldwide, specifically with the Immune Tree brand.

To be clear, I am only speaking about the Immune Tree brand colostrum, which I used to heal my own intestinal ailment (starting in October of 2015,) where used Immune Tree colostrum to rise from the dead, or what seemed like that to me considering the pain I was in. I am not speaking about the other colostrums that I’ve tested that I have here in my office, or any other brand of colostrum. The reason being is the way that Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith maintains the purity and full-spectrum effects of colostrum is very proprietary and specific to him. I’ve been to Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith’s facility in Utah, seen how he produces things, and talked to him for hours upon hours about the distinction between his colostrum processes and pretty much the rest of the market.

Another funny story is that I was taking another brand of colostrum. I do not know if this brand of colostrum is on the market anymore. I was getting the same effects from that brand of colostrum as I did from the Immune Tree colostrum. I later found out that that colostrum was private labeled by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith. That is a very profound and direct experience that I have about the quality of the purity of the full spectrum and the untouched or pristine colostrum, where you’re not isolating a particular aspect and turning it into a drug, but using the whole spectrum that Mother Nature has intended in the first colostrum or the first milk of bovine birthing process.

What I’d like to talk to you about now is, there are several aspects of general health benefits of colostrum in this book. I’m going to speak to the ones that I have personally experienced, which are quite a few. You can also see my other page on leaky gut and how to heal leaky gut, which I have been through a remarkably intense and horrific process of having leaky gut and healing from it over an eight-month period. Colostrum was the key ingredient in that healing, and specifically Immune Tree colostrum.

Colostrum and Intestinal Dysbiosis or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

The first thing that I’m going to discuss is my experience with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth after an antibiotic overdose, essentially. We will be able to provide you with data on how to use colostrum to heal from what can be the very negative effects of the ever-increasing intensification of antibiotic drugs that are given as antibiotics in hospitals and at dentists’ offices. In my case, I was at a dentist’s office where I was given a Z-Pak. Z-Paks are anywhere between 100 and 150 times more powerful than general antibiotics. There’s a trend in the medical establishment of getting more and more powerful antibiotics that are more and more potent to deal with the ever-increasing immune function of bacteria and viruses as they build up a tolerance for our traditional antibiotics that we’ve used for the last 30 to 50 years. They’re getting stronger, and as a result, it’s understandable that the pharmaceutical industry will create stronger and stronger antibiotics. It seems to make sense to them.

The problem with that is that these antibiotics also kill the majority of the bacteria and pleomorphic relationships between bacteria and fungi in the intestines that we actually need to thrive. There is also something called quorum sensing, which allows bacteria that we actually need to thrive in the intestines to communicate, thus facilitating the digestion process and the uptake of nutrients and the absorption of proper nutrients and minerals in the intestine. A significant amount of vitamins are actually absorbed in the small intestine, and when the membrane, a mucosa membrane, begins to break down, food leaks into your blood stream, and other things, including probiotics, if you’re taking them. In our other talk, we’ll get deeply into probiotics and when you should take them and when you shouldn’t, and why there’s a lot of misnomers out there. These will be opinion-based videos based on my experience.

The focus here is colostrum, and how it healed intestinal issues in my case. Essentially, dealing with leaky gut due to small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, which was very likely due to candida overgrowth co-infection and a variety of other imbalances. One of the little-known factors about colostrum is how quickly it got my candida overgrowth in the small intestine in check. I haven’t read the complete book yet, First Milk Diet, but I will be writing an article on colostrum and candida management. One of Dr. Kleinsmith’s early works, which is a book that’s no longer available on the market, which I was able to read when I was in his office, discusses the benefits of colostrum for managing parasites and all kinds of fungal overgrowth. Interestingly, colostrum has beta glucans in it (I need to confirm this, which beta glucans it contains), which have also been very powerful for me in the healing process as an isolate, but more powerfully distributed while taking it as it is naturally contained within the Immune Tree colostrum, which has been a radical help in managing the gut biosis or the gut microbiome.

Colostrum as Assistance in Candida Overgrowth Insomnia and SIBO Insomnia

I can tell you that after taking Immune Tree colostrum in a megadose for three days, I was able to get the first full night’s sleep that I had in months after the onset of a leaky gut experience, which sent me to the hospital twice with panic attacks and a variety of other types of overgrowth-type phenomenon. Only later did I understand that I had a very, very bad condition called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, which was coupled with all kinds of co-infections, meaning candida and methane-based bacteria were out of balance. When I started to take the colostrum, and, also, the lactoferrin in the colostrum is very helpful for such things, I was able to start sleeping again. I would recommend at least trying colostrum in your case if you’ve been diagnosed with candida overgrowth in the intestines or general candida overgrowth.

Colostrum for Candida Overgrowth and Vaginal Candida Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth with candida overgrowth, which, by the way, are correlated together in many cases, is not a candida that is discussed very often. Most of the candida that you read about, candida management for women, has to do with vaginal overgrowth and the rest, of which one other person, family member in my life, has claimed also assist in the management of vaginal candida overgrowth. Small intestinal overgrowth is much more insidious, far more difficult to deal with, and then, when it’s coupled with what we call small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, it’s very, very difficult to get this back into check. In fact, it has been said that strong antibiotics such as a Z-Pak ( Zithromax Z-Pak azithromycin) can knock out your microbiome balance for a lifetime.

I am suggesting that rather than spending three to five years getting your small intestine back in check, with the right dietary change combined with megadosing with colostrum, you’ll begin to see results within two to three months. My full scale, back on my feet healing, took place in less than three months, which is unheard of. The consultants and the private health consultants and even doctors that I consulted with said that that would be unlikely, and yet, with the Immune Tree colostrum, I was able to be up and around and even attend one of my own conferences which I thought I was going to miss, three months later.

Colostrum and Periodontitis, Pyorrhea or Periodontal Disease and Pathology

Probably the most powerful effects of my experience of taking Immune Tree colostrum has to do with my periodontal disease. Speaking from direct experience, I would actually show you on the camera and will probably take photographs at some point, whenever a dentist looks at my teeth when I go in for a cleaning, when I change dentists, they usually panic or gasp because they see how much bone loss and bone density loss in my teeth there are. You can’t really see it until you take a dental x-ray. I’ve had several dentists tell me that I’m going to lose my teeth by the time I’m 55, and so on and so forth. My general teeth appearance is good, but it’s when you get into the gaps and you go deep into the roots where some of the decay is seen. Additionally, my receding gum line caused massive amounts of concern for several dentists that I’ve seen through the years.

After only 45 days of taking colostrum, my gums literally grew back. This was the most dramatic effect that I saw right away using colostrum, even before my gut healed. I was not even completely healed from leaky gut before my gums replaced themselves – In other words, grew back, past the gum line, and not just a little bit. The gum actually begins to inflate and seal back up the gaps that I haven’t had since I was probably a teenager or earlier. This really surprised me, because my mother, who turned me on to Immune Tree colostrum, said that was one of the first effects that she had had. For somebody who has periodontal disease, in fact, you might recall that my illness was created by a Z-Pak given to me by a dentist because I was going in for periodontal issues. I had an abscess in my tooth. My dental problems, regardless of how well I took care of my teeth, come from a variety of different things that happened on earlier life, and as you may have read, periodontal disease is directly connected to the heart. The teeth have a direct line to the heart when it comes to bacterial infections. If you don’t take care of that, you’re in big trouble. Additionally, that bacteria, during dental procedures, operations, and/or cleaning, can get into the intestines and knock everything out of whack, followed by an antibiotic which can be extremely harmful to your overall microbiome.

After 45 days, I noticed that the colostrum was healing my periodontal disease in its entirety. The knowledge that my periodontal disease was healing came not only from the obvious signs in the mirror when I saw massive amounts of flesh growing over the receding gum line and they’re nice, bright, pink, red. Every time I take my colostrum, you can see the blood pumping through the gums and returning it to its youthful vigor. As you can imagine, this telltale sign, which I had heard about but did not believe from other family members, surprised me nonetheless.

Colostrum and Post Kidney Transplant Recovery and Urinary Tract Infection

Other direct experiences that I have had with colostrum and its general benefits are witnessed healing for my sister, Emily, who I will be providing an interview and a testimonial for here later. She had  been on kidney dialysis for almost nine years. She had an undiagnosed kidney problem, of which we are uncertain as to how she lost both of her kidneys. We still don’t know to this day precisely what happened. She just lost her immune function within that. Finally, a family member, bless her heart, gave my sister Emily a new kidney because she was a matching type. After the transplant took place, we were hoping that Emily would have a normal life, but what happened is her immune system took a major hit during the transplant, which gave her serious levels of infection, not only urinary tract, but other unknown infections. We were thrown back into another drama, after a nine-year drama, that we did not know how she was going to get out of.

Emily has a really level head. She’s skeptical, almost to the point of cynicism, about any kind of alternative or health alternative such as colostrum or the rest. Thus, when she has real results, it is quite authentic. We put her on Immune Tree colostrum, and her urinary tract infection started to clear up. Additionally, the color came back to her skin, which, of course, can also be because she had the new kidney. She personally noticed an unprecedented level of energy, almost like her body was absorbing the colostrum and regrowing years worth of lost flexibility and full spectrum immune health. Additionally, I looked at her fingernails and saw that she was getting all the minerals and the proteins that she needed, and she was thriving. Not only did she stop having the urinary tract infection, when she started on even moderate doses, it wasn’t even a megadose, but a moderate dose of colostrum, she started to thrive.

Obviously, this experience did not happen directly to me, but I witnessed it in my home with somebody who is close to me who had been suffering for nine years. I also have evidence of all of this and proof that this happened, because I watched her consume the product directly. This is a person who doesn’t really believe in marketing hype. It either works or it doesn’t. We’ll probably have more of her story at some point. I wasn’t sure how colostrum would work on a kidney transplant. It’s one thing to be told that it will work and help the person revitalize. It’s another thing to actually do it. I wasn’t sure if the colostrum would affect the organ adversely. In our case, it affected it positively and helped the organ, the new transplanted organ, settle properly and effectively integrate into her body. To this day, things seem to be fine, and I will keep you updated on that if anything changes.

Colostrum for Intestinal Panic Attacks, Imbalanced Blood Sugar and Malabsorption

Another thing I can vouch for is during the dark night of the soul and body, during the heart of darkness, when my leaky gut and intestinal dysbiosis was at its absolute worse, where I could eat almost nothing without having severe panic attacks and other kinds of reactions, the thing that scared me the most was the something they call malabsorption, which is very common with leaky gut and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. What I found was that taking colostrum began to heal that problem, but what was happening that was the most concerning was a constant state of dizziness. It’s not uncommon for people with severe leaky gut and malnutrition to have extreme imbalanced sugar, sugar imbalance and imbalanced blood sugar levels that are almost diabetic and in some cases can manifest in full onset diabetes. I was actually experiencing some of these effects, and had the blood sugar balanced within one week of beginning my Immune Tree colostrum regime.

Colostrum for Pancreas, Liver and Intestinal Balance

There was a lot of very strange things going on in my case with the pancreas, liver and intestine. When your intestines are malabsorbing and your pancreas seem to be malfunction or not producing enough enzymes you get very sick. Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth is generally related to an imbalance between the pancreas and the liver, and a variety of other things happening. It’s quite a mess of imbalances. For me, colostrum seemed to bring all of these things back in balance. My pancreas seemed to start to get better, my kidneys did start to get better as well. During the first month, I noticed some pretty intense detox and reorganization of my pancreas-liver balance. Then, I noticed things happening that I started to begin to feel I was reabsorbing my food. Although I was still having serious problems for about 45 days, I could feel it changing. I could feel a shift in the winds.

Colostrum for Intestinal Mucosal Membrane Healing

Generally speaking, in some of Dr. Kleinsmith’s writings and other research papers, they’re recommending anywhere between eight and 16 weeks of colostrum dosing to heal the gut lining. My experience is that the real solid effects start happening on Month Two, after only 30 days. At the end of Month Two, moving into Three, you’re starting to heal things up completely, and moving into Month Four, depending upon the damage and the intensity of your situation, because everybody’s different, you’ll notice that you start to move into the other direction, into basically super-immunity and strength. That’s one thing I can vouch for, is the balance of the pancreas, the blood sugar, insulin, and the healing of the liver.

Another topic that I noticed in my own ‘coming back from the dead’ that is discussed in Dr. Anthony’s book here is the increase of absorption and general thriving, meaning – ‘Failure to thrive‘ is very common for leaky gut patients. People can die from it, and it did feel like it was going in that direction for me. Failure to thrive comes from the inability to absorb proper nutrients, vitamins, and as I said in some of my other videos, I couldn’t have bright light around me. I was hallucinating, I was having nightmares, detox nightmares. Very, very serious stuff that I would not want anybody to have to go through. Colostrum seemed to put those types of things in balance pretty rapidly, where herbal antibiotics like Neem and Allicin seemed to make things much worse.

You’ll be able to find in this book the chapter where he talks about better absorption and better nutrition in general, okay? There’s also an entire chapter in Chapter Nine in the First Milk Diet, by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, on dental health. I would like to put more information on this about dental health, because I’m finding colostrum to be absurdly powerful for dental health. Dental health, to me, is one of the access points of all diseases that degrade the immune system.

Colostrum Possible Lyme Disease and Possible Periodontal

We also know with Lyme disease that the Lyme bacteria and spirochetes can hide out in the gum. Since there’s an estimate of anywhere between 50% and 80% of the US population that has dormant Lyme or various co-infections together both in the intestine and in the gums, it’s probably something that we want to include in the list of what the colostrum benefits are or what benefits colostrum has.

You’ll be able to find in this book the chapter where he talks about better absorption and better nutrition in general, okay? There’s also an entire chapter in Chapter Nine in the First Milk Diet, by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, on dental health. I would like to put more information on this about dental health, because I’m finding colostrum to be absurdly powerful for dental health as discussed before. Dental health, to me, is one of the access points of all diseases that degrade the immune system. We also know with Lyme disease that the Lyme bacteria and spirochetes can hide out in the gum. Since there’s an estimate of anywhere between 50% and 80% of the US population that has dormant Lyme or various co-infections together both in the intestine and in the gums, it’s probably something that we want to include in the list of what the colostrum benefits are or what benefits colostrum has.

That brings me to probably one of the more important topics about colostrum. The forward to this book written by Dr. Kleinsmith is by Berkely Bedell a former Congressman. He was involved with his friend, Senator Tom Harkin, in the establishment of the Office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institute of Health. He wrote the Access to Medical Treatment Act. He is the founder of a national foundation for alternative medicine. If you do read the forward, which I strongly recommend, you’ll find that he healed himself using a customized form of colostrum. There are several people that I know who have Lyme disease who are having benefits from taking colostrum. This, obviously, is huge. We know that we’re dealing with antibodies here, and that the cow is passing on antibodies to the young, depending upon what antibodies her bloodstream has access to or what she’s been infected with, or what she’s defending herself from.

Lyme, we now know, is a pandemic in many ways, and so we’re going to see many of the natural antibodies being passed through the colostrum, as long as the colostrum is maintained in its purity and productivity in the way that Dr. Kleinsmith has done. I will keep you updated on the two people that I am watching who are megadosing with colostrum to positively influence their Lyme. A lot of what they experience is major problems in the intestine (called Lyme Dysbiosis), and sometimes they experience brain fog. One person I know has been experiencing neural Lyme, meaning it’s gone to the brain with Lyme disease, but she is having positive benefits from colostrum, of which I will try to keep you updated.

Colostrum for Flu and Cold Season

In the opening chapters, especially Chapter Three, it’s called “Flu Vaccination,” which I recommend that you read in Dr. Kleinsmith’s book. With the flu vaccination, I find it interesting on page 23 that there’s the bacterial antibodies present in colostrum, and he names all the pathogens, from bacillus cereus, candida albicans, and we talked earlier about the management of candida, which I’ve directly experienced. There’s literally 15 to 20 different kinds of bacterias present, and it shows the conditions or the symptoms that they cause. For example, bacillus cereus is food poisoning. Then, he’s got campylobacter, which is gastrointestinal. I strongly recommend that you read that chapter. I can’t really imagine getting the flu on colostrum. I’m not suggesting that this is a replacement for your flu shot and so on and so forth, I can’t by law do that, but I cannot imagine getting it.

Colostrum as Cancer Prevention

Chapter Four is about cancer prevention. I suggest that you read that as well, because I’m learning some things about cancer prevention and the use of colostrum. If you do know somebody who’s undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, this will be a massive effect in assisting them.

Colostrum for Underactive or Overactive Immune System

Another use of colostrum is for benefits with an underactive immune system. Please do read the chapter on that. Systematic lupus, as well. More and more is being understood about both lupus and multiple sclerosis. In my work, I have connected multiple sclerosis to small bacterial overgrowth and intestinal dysbiosis as well as leaky gut. We won’t get into that here, but I’ve already discussed how both fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis are now known by Dr. Pelmutter and others to be connected to leaky gut, meaning an unhealthy microbiome. One of the things I did notice when I went into malnutrition is I was getting fibromyalgia, where I’ve never had fibromyalgia before. Many people, doctors, naturopath, and even mainstream doctors have connected fibromyalgia to leaky gut, to the intestinal health, of which we now know through my direct experience that colostrum affects positively. Do read the chapter on lupus, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis, and eczema and fibromyalgia, because all of those seem to be connected in some way to leaky gut and to intestinal dysbiosis.

Colostrum for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis, there’s many, many positive effects. I really feel like Dr. Kleinsmith needs to include a whole chapter on the next version of this book on rheumatoid arthritis, because the stories coming in on this topic are huge. Also, HIV. It lowers the impact and the pain associated with HIV.

Colostrum for Healthy Blood Sugar

Healthy blood sugar is another positive benefit of Immune Tree colostrum, which we discussed, because I was having diabetic attacks during the malabsorption and pancreas deficiency effect of leaky gut, when I immediately could experience the effects of colostrum. It was immediately helpful, like in real time, 30 seconds after I took it. That’s the healthy blood sugar side.

Colostrum and Alheimer’s Disease

Another thing I’d like to discuss is Chapter Ten of The First Milk Diet, “First Milk as Alzheimer’s Vaccine.” This I found to be one of the most interesting chapters, and I’m still absorbing it. We actually know within mainstream science that the Alzheimer’s issue is caused by decaying or declining or completely destroyed neurons. It discusses in here how colostrum, specifically a proline rich polypeptide. In this case, I recommend Immune Tree colostrum, can assist in the prevention of the destruction of the neuron rather than just simply trying to supplement acetylcholine, which is highly deficient in Alzheimer’s, which starts to decay the brain, the memory, and the rest. I found this chapter to be most interesting, because I could definitely feel it in my brain. Also, if you haven’t read a lot about Lyme disease, there does seem to be a correlation to the Lyme disease bacteria in the brain and over 90% of the cases where Alzheimer’s is present, there is also Lyme bacteria of various kinds and co-infections evident in the brain tissue.

We’re beginning to see how colostrum helps regulate the bacterial overgrowth, normalize the microbiome, and positively affect what is sometimes, by some naturopaths, called the pleomorphic model of the bacteria, parasites, and the rest of the body. To me, this is the most interesting aspect of colostrum, because it’s very tricky to call something a panacea. I’ve been in the health industry for 20 years myself. There’s been a lot of claims of panacea. If there is a panacea, the closest that I have come to one is colostrum.

Colostrum and Hemochromatosis

We’ll stop there, because there’s actually many more ailments. One other ailment worth looking at is something called hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis runs in my family, and it’s where you have iron build-up in the organs and tissues. colostrum contains lactoferrin, which is known to chelate iron overload from the intestine.  By the way, colostrum is really good for your animals. They love it. Our dog loves it. It makes their fur very shiny. I’m trying to convince Dr. Kleinsmith to create a colostrum product for animals.

Hemochromatosis is controversial, but has to do with too much iron and the body holding iron. Doctors actually want you to bleed yourself. Bloodletting in modern times. Yes, it still exists. A significant place that iron is stored is in the intestinal tract. Lactoferrin is one of the most powerful ways to chelate iron from those who might be iron-overloaded. Additionally, iron is one of the heavy metals that is indicated in certain kinds of cancers, which is why there is other supplements that you take in order to get rid of it. Lactoferrin and colostrum, I actually believe, tend to help you balance some of the heavy metals and even detox them, but I don’t have any evidence on this front. I will provide more information.

Colostrum with a Balanced Diet

I can tell you that mineral imbalance is a huge problem, and this site does not seek to treat or provide advice on such matters. I will say that if you continue to eat nutritiously and focus on balanced nutrition, not just sugars, but the full mineral spectrum of good foods that have mineral-rich items within them. In other words, organic food, I prefer because there is an indication in some cases that it has better minerals, but organic foods can be devoid of minerals as well. If you find that you need to mineral supplement or the rest, we’re not really approaching that, but one thing I have noticed in my own mineral supplementation is that by taking colostrum, my body is thriving and absorbing those minerals many, many times more powerfully than it was when I wasn’t taking it.

Additionally, during malabsorption, I could really feel my body lacking magnesium. I was having low magnesium symptoms, muscle contortion from lack of magnesium and calcium imbalance, all these different kinds of things. When I started supplementing properly and getting real nutrition, the colostrum facilitated the growth and the absorption of better and better mineral balance. I’m still working on that. I took a product called Hinton, which is a very, very balanced ocean mineral product, and it really quickly helped me, combined with Immune Tree, it really helped me get my minerals back in check.

There are minerals and proteins in colostrum, but I don’t have that list here. Other places on the site, I will be showing some of the content of colostrum. Colostrum is not really a place to focus when trying to directly balance your minerals, but it facilitates massive mineral uptake reabsorption and balance if you’re eating a proper diet. Like anything else, Immune Tree is not a magic bullet for nutrition. It helps facilitate, accelerate, and helps you absorb more effectively the positive lifestyle that you’re already leading. I do recommend that if you’re very, very sick, that you stop eating crap, Twinkies and donuts and stuff like that, until you heal your gut. Even then, you might find that you like the way that you feel, and colostrum will help you balance the mineral disposition throughout your body, intensify the nutrition. For many people, I believe that taking colostrum for the first time is probably some of the best food and might even be some of the first real food they’ve had in decades. That’s a strong statement, I know, but of course, I’m a fan.

With that, I think we’ve gone over the general benefits of colostrum. We’ve gone on for over 30 minutes, and I’ve only covered about half of them, so I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, do please join our community by giving us your email address and of course, if you have any questions on the products listed on the site, you can go to or you can purchase any of the Immune Tree products below. Thank you.