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What Is Immune Tree Bovine Colostrum?

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My name is Russell Wright, and I’d like to tell you my story that has been an ongoing saga for the last one year where I was helped from an almost-fatal condition of leaky gut and intestinal dysbiosis using Immune Tree colostrum. Now, my full story can come later, because I thought we would start with ‘what is colostrum’, because it is amazing to me how many people, including myself when I first heard about it, don’t know what colostrum actually is.

To give it a little bit of an overview, if you go to Wikipedia, colostrum is the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth, rich in antibodies, and humans provide their children with colostrum, their infants with colostrum, upon birth, presuming that they are breast-fed. Lack of mother’s milk can cause plenty of other issues that gives us insights into immune problems for children and infants who were not breast-fed by their mother (and did not get something called HMO and many, many other growth factors.

For the best information on the planet having to do with colostrum or first milk, I would like you to consider reading Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith’s book, “First Milk Diet.” Dr. Kleinsmith is a friend of mine and  I consider the work that he’s done to maintain the Immune Tree colostrum’s purity and wholeness to be second to none in the industry. Also understand that because I’m a colostrum connoisseur, I have a variety of different colostrum brands sitting around my office and in my health cabinet that I have tested.

I have actually met with Dr. Kleinsmith in person and become friends with him over the last one year because of the powerful effect that the Immune Tree colostrum had on my body during the healing process and assisting me in the healing crisis that began in February of 2016 after several months of being pcompletely incapacitated and not even being able to leave my home because of the intestinal dysbiosis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO.

My story starts with a dental visit where I received a Z-Pak (Zithromax or azithromycin) which is a very, very powerful antibiotic that apparently, when combined with the stress of my technology work, threw my intestine out of whack and gave me a very serious case of leaky gut and probably other undiagnosed health issues. Some of the things that occurred during this horrible experience in my life was symptoms of diabetes began to reveal themselves, malnutrition due to malabsorption that commonly comes from leaky gut.

Leaky gut can be caused by many different types of conditions. I was not breast-fed as a child, which is one of the issues with intestinal problems and gut problems and dysbiosis, which means I didn’t balance the bacteria and the pleomorphic life forms that sustain and maintain the gut and the mucoid membrane and is called the biofilm. I was a real mess.

In fact, for one week of my illness starting in October – my birthday, actually, October 28th, 2015 – I was not able to leave my closet in my bedroom. I was in such pain, and the intestinal illness and dysbiosis and leaky gut had become so strong that it had affected my brain, which is very common. We now know that the gut-brain axis is a huge connective layer of mental health.

For instance, a huge number of serotonin receptor sites exist in the small intestine, and my small intestine was just mangled, to say it quite simply, so I’m speaking from real experience when I speak about the effects that Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith’s work, the “First Milk Diet”, and specifically Immune Tree colostrum. Although I tried other colostrums, they did not have the same effects as Immune Tree colostrum. I even tried isolates like lactoferrin (which is contained in colostrum and how I began to notice the effects that colostrum could have on my gut – because when I first started taking lactoferrin I started to get some small results, meaning I started to be able to sleep a tiny bit better even though I might be up for three or four days at a time due to whatever was happening in my gut. And lactoferrin is a single isolate from colostrum, and does not even contain its full power.

It was not until I purchased and tried the Immune Tree colostrum upon recommendation by my mother, who is a holistic health practitioner, that I got my first night’s sleep, and when you have an experience of living in your closet curled up in a ball not able to go out in bright daylight because of the effect that it has, you NOTICE the results of something that helps you, very quickly. At that time, even bright lights affected me negatively, and I was so sick from my intestines that I was actually having hallucinations, not knowing what was going on. Nobody could help me.

I went to a gastrointestinologist. I went to three naturopaths. I tried all kinds of products on the market that claim to be able to balance the gut and get you back on your feet. Nothing worked until I tried Immune Tree Colostrum. I was mega dosing with Immune Tree colostrum, so you can find out more about the story, because I will create another video on this site if you go to Immune Tree Colostrum and Leaky Gut on the sidebar. I’ll actually walk you through on video the entire story. Immune Tree colostrum was the primary tool that I used to allow myself to be able to heal. There are a couple of other products that I took that actually probably could have been removed and not used at all. That’s how powerful the Immune Tree colostrum was for me.

There were also, during the latter days of my healing, when I began to heal my gut –  there were other Immune Tree products, such as LimuZ, that helped me get the glutathione levels up and then took me to the next level of healing. There’s a huge controversy around leaky gut and how to heal it. Questions like, do you take probiotics, do you not take probiotics, and many, many things, and I could go on for an hour or two on that topic, which I probably will on the leaky gut section of this site. But so I want you to be aware that I’m not just coming from a place of trying to sell you colostrum. I have been to the edge of death and brought back from a specific product. I’m ‘that guy’ who has actually had that amazing experience with a product, and I always thought that sort of thing was hype, and such experiences were exaggerated because there’s a lot of products out there in the nutritional marketplace, in the nutraceutical marketplace, and in the health and wellness marketplace, but none of them have had this kind of a profound effect on me as Immune Tree’s proline-rich colostrum. I had over $5,000 dollars worth of supplements that did NOT work for my specific condition.

When we go to colostrum and look at what the web talks about at “what is colostrum,” you can see a lot of different things out there. Probably a good place to start in understanding what colostrum is all the different names, is colostrum “known colloquially as beestings, bisnings, or first milk,” and of course, you remember that Dr. Kleinsmith’s book is called “First Milk Diet.”  This book is just released. Today is May 8th, 2016. I have been reading it. I was reading it this morning and I actually continue to read this daily, because Dr. Kleinsmith has a lifetime of colostrum research and experience –  essentially having grown up on a farm, understanding the nuances of how colostrum affects the animal health, how it affected the herd when he grew up on the dairy farm, and he understands the distinction between different types of colostrum.

Colostrum is not dairy. That’s the biggest confusion I see on the market, and that’s why I don’t even really like to call it first milk when I’m trying to explain it to people because the health and wellness industry is crowded with people who are proponents of nondairy, and I don’t really consider colostrum dairy. It has so few of the dairy components that I just really don’t consider it to be that. I had no negative dairy reaction. I’ve had people take it who don’t have the dairy reaction that they have when they’re taking regular cows milk, because we’re dealing with proline rather than casein.

Another reason that I don’t like to call colostrum dairy is because since the publication of The China Study (which I do not really agree with), which actually speaks badly about casein, I don’t want people to think that there’s a ton of casein in colostrum. For more information on this, we’ll publish in other articles why casein is not a concern with colostrum. It’s present in  colostrum in very small amounts in colostrum that is harvested in a the properly balanced way that nature has intended, which Dr. Kleinsmith insists upon in his products – and we will link to different articles so you can understand the different aspects of colostrum. There is first hour colostrum, first day, second day, third day, and as the days progress after the calf is born, the colostrum changes in its quality and constitution.

I’m not an expert on this topic. In fact, it’s possible that Dr. Kleinsmith will correct me on some things. We will add these corrections to the site because I’m not the expert, but I can only tell you what it’s done for my health and recovery.  Colostrum simply does not have the negative effect on my body that some dairy sometimes does. In fact, some of my dear friends who have been deathly ill in taking genetically modified whey proteins powder from other companies that have this out there have no problem taking colostrum, and I found that very interesting. It’s just not dairy.

Also, I do have the information that shows the ratio of proline to casein and how that works as colostrum progresses. The factors that really work to increase health is in Immune Tree colostrum because Dr. Kleinsmith only includes the colostrum that is the most beneficial in the shortest amount of time, and I can vouch for this, and we’re going to get into all the positive effects that this stuff has had in my life and why I now consider myself to be a fan of this product. On the bottom of this page, I’m going to put some educational links about colostrum in case you would like to research further.

Let’s go ahead and read here a little bit more about the definition of colostrum. “Colostrum contains antibodies to protect the newborn against disease. In general, protein concentration in colostrum is substantially higher than that in milk.” We talked about the difference between milk and colostrum earlier. This is a Wikipedia entry and is not written by Dr. Kleinsmith, so it actually still needs to be validated.

Another thing that I would like to point out is that the only kind colostrum that I recommend is Immune Tree. There are other brands on the market and I’ve tested pretty much all of them and purchased many different brands during my early days of repairing my gut and my intestines and my immune system, which was completely mangled.  People come to me with questions like, “Do I take goat colostrum?” Dr. Kleinsmith has a lot of information and huge amounts of data to show the content, the healing growth factors and the IgA’s don’t contain the required amount that you get in bovine colostrum, and again, not being the expert, we’re going to go ahead and list some videos by Dr. Kleinsmith below and in the sidebar. They are not as friendly for humans like bovine colostrum is. They don’t contain enough of the immune factors that you need in goat colostrum and in other kinds of colostrum.

You really want to use colostrum that is most compatible with humans, and it has to do with transfer factor, and we’ll go ahead and link to some articles to why you want to stick with bovine colostrum. I strongly recommend Immune Tree colostrum for this purpose as well. Go ahead and read the article. Read the Wikipedia for an overview, and I’m going to link to some other colostrum articles by Dr. Kleinsmith. I also recommend that you opt in for our ongoing information, and that we are able to get you a copy of the “First Milk Diet.” We’re going to decide how that book will be available to you, but I want to make sure that everybody watching this video has it in their hands. This will explain what colostrum is and also how it might support you with the various immune issues that you’re experiencing, lactoferrin and proline-rich polypeptides being the factors that helped me the most, I believe, although it’s really hard to say. The product contains so many benefits in a holistic.

Keep Colostrum Whole

Another aspect of why I have such respect for Dr. Kleinsmith’s Immune Tree colostrum is that he doesn’t mess with it. After a lot of research and looking at a lot of other colostrums, I found that messing with the natural components, which was naturally created by the cow, and trying to moderate it or change it or isolate something within it- is not the best way to go. Nature has things perfectly worked out when it comes to colostrum, and actually many other things. Dr. Kleinsmith is not a fan of removing and isolating factors and then distributing or selling those factors, because when you really look at it, there’s a lot that we don’t know about how this perfect first milk or this colostrum is actually helping the body at many, many levels.

When you try to isolate anything, to patent it or sell it or limit it, it really could reduce the effectiveness of the component. Nature has things in a balanced full spectrum, and Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith (with the Immune Tree colostrum) leaves that balanced perspective unscathed. Other colostrums on the market that I’ve researched tend to isolate and/or change the factors, and I have noticed a difference. You can notice the difference in the taste, in the texture, in the color, and in the effectiveness, so I strongly recommend that you research these things before you just go and purchase any old product out there.

If you would like to try the Immune Tree colostrum, which I strongly recommend, please do go to, or you can purchase Immune Tree products directly on this site. These are all Immune Tree colostrum products that I purchase for my family, that I tell everybody, my business partners, my own students, I have thousands of students around the world that I work with in web development and online, e-commerce and these types of things, I tell everybody that I know who might be experiencing immune issues to perhaps try colostrum because of the effect that it had on me. When you go to the edge of your life and you really are starting to write your own Last Will and Testement until a very specific natural product gives you your first night’s sleep in weeks –  and then a few days later I was beginning to embrace the possibility that I might not die – you don’t forget that, so I’d like you to have the same kinds of benefits. You do not need to be at the edge of your life to have massive health benefits from colostrum.

In fact, some of the things that started happening to me, which I thought was very funny, is when I started mega dosing with it, my body started to tone – on it’s own, without any working out at all. During the time when I got ill, I was actually beginning to get a beer gut and some ‘love handles’. All of a sudden, even though I wasn’t feeling up to par, my muscles started to tone from the growth factors, and one person even commented four months later that I was looking better than I ever had. You can see I’m definitely thin, but I’m also toned, but I didn’t lift any weights or anything like that. I was naturally beginning to tone because of the supplementation with Immune Tree colostrum without even lifting any weights. I’ve now started to do push-ups and sit-ups, and I’m working out a bit and I’m getting pretty cut. I’m not interested in having that type of effect, but it was a nice side effect.

Immune Tree Colostrum for Body Building and Work Out Recovery

There are many people that use Immune Tree colostrum for the specific bodybuilding effects that they get. I was just wanting to get better from my illness. What I didn’t expect is to get cut, so the immune system support is what I was focused on and actually getting better and healing my gut. What I didn’t expect is to start seeing the outlines like this guy has here (pointing to body builder in photo).

Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith has said that if you even begin to body build just a little bit, which is my next step and what I’m currently doing, you will start to take on healthy and sustainable lean mass. You’ll gain weight, which is positive weight, and you’ll find in the “First Milk Diet” book where he talks about how the muscle works with colostrum and how muscle is built, that it’s one of the healthiest ways you can build muscle, so that’s actually solid or healthy muscle building rather than effects given by some of the products out there when you’re weight training can actually create muscles in a way that’s not great, because when you start to lose it it can turn into fat. This is not what’s going on with colostrum and muscle building.

There’s so many layers to how Immune Tree colostrum can help you that it’s impossible to cover in a single video, so go ahead and look at all the information on colostrum and maybe just cover the general Wikipedia stuff, and then look at the links connected to the information that Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith has put out there and learn it, because it could potentially assist you in recovering from possible ailments that you never thought you could recover from without having to use heavy-duty pharmaceutical substances or only using pharmaceutical substances, so I hope that you enjoy this website, and please do see the products related below.

If you have any questions on how to get a hold of “First Milk Diet” about colostrum by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, if you have any questions about product purchases, please do contact us via the email. Provide us with your e-mail and then you are part of the and the Immune Tree family. We look forward to seeing you on the inside.